We want you to have the best when it comes to your jewellery purchase.

Here are some reasons why you should trust us with your jewellery experience!


1. Handmade at the OHZO By J Jewellery studio.

OHZO By J's pieces are all made with love in the Ohzo by J studio. Some products will be sourced but most are hand created and designed. If you are looking for a 'one of a kind' piece you have come to the right place!


See Our Hand-made Jewellery✨


hand-made gold-filled, 925 sterling silver jewellery





2. Skin-Friendly Materials

We use only nickel free / hypoallergenic materials that are good for your skin. Gold-filled is as good as real gold, when working with sensitive skin types.


See Our Blog About Gold-filled🪞


what is gold filled? gold-filled jewellery





3. Tarnish / Water Resistant Materials

We only use materials that last. Our pieces are high quality gold-filled and 925 sterling silver that is suitable to wear every day, in the shower and for a swim in the ocean!


 See Our Blog 'How to good care of your gold-filled jewellery'✨


how to good care of gold-filled jewellery




4. Genuine Freshwater Pearls

All our pearls are real freshwater pearls.  Our pearls are picked carefully for their size, shape and colour. Just like our custom pieces, each one of our pearls are unique and contain their own individual and natural characteristics.


 See Our Range Of Freshwater Pearl Pieces🐚 


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 5. Support Small Business 

When you choose Ohzo by J jewellery you are supporting a local business, and helping small businesses recover and grow during the pandemic. We are so grateful for all your love and support, and understand that with each other, the world isn’t such a scary place.


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6. Using A Sustainable Package

Eco-friendly initiatives used to be an afterthought, however today we each have to do our part, every day.  To help out the Earth on our end we have decided to use sustainable packaging materials like home compostables, made from plant-based materials, paper-based safe wrap, paper boxes and reusable jewellery pouches.


See a Blog About Our Sustainability, Responsible Jewellery Packaging.✨ 






7. Quality Products does last with reasonable price 

For your best jewellery experience, we want to ensure that there is something for everyone, no matter your budget. Our pieces start from $10 AUD. Each of our custom pieces is made from the highest quality materials, and with basic care can last up to thirty years! If you ever inherit one of our pieces, or plan to pass it down to your loved ones, we would love to know!


 See Our 'Build Your Own' Collection✨ 





8. Easy 21 Days Return

 We love that you are on board with us and we are confident that you will love the piece you have chosen but just in case :) you can return your package to us within 21 days from the day you have received our jewellery for a full refund or exchange if you’re not happy!


 See Our Return Policy👌🏻 


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