Sustainable, ethical and responsible Jewellery - Recycle, reuse and reduce.

Sustainable, ethical and responsible Jewellery - Recycle, reuse and reduce.

At OHZO by J, our intention is to integrate the above into every aspect of our business

Firstly, let’s talk about sustainable packaging. OHZO is committed to sustainability and minimum waste.  If you’ve watched our ‘New Sustainable Package for B.Y.O Collection’ video from @ohzo_by_j_jewellery (find it on Instagram and Facebook) then you might know that to be sustainable and ethical is incredibly important to us.  

Sustainable, ethical and responsible Jewellery - Recycle, reuse and reduce.


Cards, care guides and sales materials. All of the cards and jewellery guides that we use, including my own personal name cards and thank you cards, are made with recycled materials. We’ve tried to make every detail of our business, from the ground up, align with our values above. Replacement of vinyl tape, plastic wrap and ribbons.     

Honeycomb Wrap (hex wrap)

was an alternative replacement for bubble wrap. We wanted to find an eco-friendly material that was also durable and would offer maximum protection when shipping out your delicate jewellery.  It's not only fully compostable, but recyclable too!  We now use paper ribbons just so you wouldn’t miss out on the excitement of unboxing your new piece. Similarly, the plastic tape we were previously using has now been replaced with recyclable brown paper tape. Reusable jewellery pouches. Every order we send to you comes with a cute pink velvet jewellery pouch, which can be used whenever you travel and need to store your jewellery pieces. They are big enough to store multiple pieces at a time, safely and in style. Most importantly they are just super cute ;)

The eco-mailer you can actually throw away in the garden.

Our journey of earth friendly packaging started when we found They are 100% home compostable. Then there’s also the fact that @heapsgoodpackagging breaks down in 3-6 months when composted, as opposed to 300 years like some other materials. It’s a fully biodegradable packaging that can even feed the worms in your garden, and breaks down without any harmful microplastics or residues. It’s a guilt-free packaging for our earth. If you would like to find more about their sustainable packaging check out their website

Your support for our jewellery is simply better for the environment!

We consciously create our pieces from the bottom up – this means being mindful of how our choices affect each other, and our earth. Although eco-friendly and environmentally responsible business practices have become expected from consumers, conscious and ethical design has always been at the core of OHZO by J’s business. Our purpose has always been to create pieces that last, so that also means supporting a future for our precious earth as well as the people in it.

At OHZO by J, we look to integrate sustainability and ethical decision making at every level of our business and supply chain.

Our bespoke and custom jewellery pieces come in 100% recycled and compostable packaging and are 100% recyclable. Each of our packages also come without any additional plastic, paper wrapping or foam, so this means 100% zero waste.

Each of our suppliers have been ethically sourced and are committed to maintaining and improving fair working conditions, as well as guaranteeing a liveable wage for their employees. Transparency is how we know we’re on the right track to creating a better future for everybody.

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