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Story Behind The "Pantheon Collection"

Story Behind The "Pantheon Collection"

The idea of the ‘Pantheon Collection’ initially started when I realised

That it was around this time I had planned to visit my best friend in Belgium

and travel around Europe, before the pandemic happened.


I was already in love with the stories of Roman gods and goddesses

and when I saw this beautiful Pantheon and Roman sculpture,

I was already dreaming about beautiful golden jewellery.

The Deliora and Moon & Sun necklace was the first design we chose

when I saw the picture of Capri, Italy.

With this design I tried to capture the moment  that the sunshine

hit the surface of the ocean and the sunset on a hot summer afternoon.

I have tried to rearrange and categorise the symbols about Rome that I love.

I started writing down in my notes, what I would love to see and have in this collection, the symbols that popped into my mind were the angels, beautiful sunsets,

true love, goddesses, anything that leads and follows.

The 'baby angel necklace' was the one I loved and had most fun with when I was selecting the collection

and surprisingly it was sold-out on the night we opened up early access for the VIPs.

We strive to produce all our products ethically.

Our 14k and 18k gold-filled jewelry are ethically crafted in the United States,

a market leader in producing high-quality gold filled pieces.

Wear 925 sterling silver jewellery filled with affordable gold just like you would wear your own piece of pure gold.

Our products are designed to be worn in the shower or in the sea.

Our products are exquisitely crafted and decorated with a focus on skin-friendly,

high-quality everyday accessories.

The Photoshoot

The photo shoot took about a couple weeks to complete.

We were trying to capture the best moment, which is the most beautiful natural light.

We could only do our photoshoot between 5 to 6.30

and here are the best 2 shots I was extremely happy with

We have prepared the Pantheon collection for half a year and were so excited for the launch of the collection.

I can't wait to see which pieces will capture your heart the most!

Check the link below to find out more of the collection.

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