Current Fashion Trends: How Gold-Filled Jewellery Elevates Any Outfit

Current Fashion Trends: How Gold-Filled Jewellery Elevates Any Outfit

Do you want to add some exquisite pieces to your jewellery collection? Gold-filled items are here to save your day!

The allure of gold is undeniable. The shiny element truly represents timelessness, luxury, and sophistication. But the best part about gold jewellery is that it’s readily available, comes in different types, and complements all sorts of outfits and fashion trends. 

If you are looking for affordable yet classy pieces to increase the charm of your wardrobe, you should get hands-on gold-filled jewellery. At Ohzo Jewellery, we have a wide range of gold-filled jewellery, including bracelets, necklaces, rings, and earrings—ready to elevate your every outfit. 



The Versatility of Gold-Filled Jewellery

Many people confuse gold-filled jewellery with gold-plated ones. While both may look similar, they are totally different. 

Gold-filled, or gold-bonded, jewellery is constructed manually by bonding a layer of gold over a base metal, usually brass. By using pressure and heat, gold attaches perfectly to the brass surface, making a solid connection. As a result, the chances of gold falling off or peeling are reduced to a minimum. 

In some pieces, the entire gold is layered on one side of the brass. However, there are a few items where the alloy is split between the two brass surfaces or just layered around the wire. Legally, gold-filled jewellery contains 5% of the gold.  

Compared to their gold-plated or pure gold counterparts, gold-filled ones are: 

  • High quality 
  • Affordable
  • Durable and won't tarnish easily
  • Hypoallergenic. Their base metal acts as a barrier between gold and your skin, reducing any risk of irritation or inflammation. 
  • Sustainable 
  • Responsible and eco-friendly 

Aren't all these reasons good enough to buy your first gold-filled jewellery to elevate your looks? 

Ohzo Jewelry Gold-Filled Products: How To Incorporate Them Into Your Wardrobe

If you are convinced to buy gold-filled products, Ohzo Jewellery has some exceptional items in store. We are committed to offering sustainable and jaw-dropping gold-filled jewellery.

So, do you want to look stylish? If yes, here are a few jewellery items you can pair with any outfit and make a powerful impression. 

Gold-Filled Necklaces

Whether you want to go for a meeting in your black suit or have a night out planned in a red dress, a gold-filled necklace collection will surely help uplift your overall look. 

At Ohzo Jewellery, we have the Lucy Pearl Necklace with a white stone, which will look truly charming with a suit. You can pair it with Lucy Pearl Stud earrings to complete your overall outfit look. 

Gold-Filled Bracelets

Are you wearing a sleeveless summer gown? In that case, don't leave your arms empty. 

Instead, accessorise them with the unique Rachel Aurora bracelet from our beautiful collection. This simple piece goes perfectly with everyday wear. 

If you think one bracelet isn't enough, add the exquisite Nathalie Figaro bracelet with the Rachel Aurora one. Both classic pieces will create an eye-catching vibe on your wrists.

Gold-Filled Earrings 

If you are off to an office dinner with colleagues and plan to wear your formal short dress, consider accessorising your ears with Mila Stud earrings. The long earrings look great on their own, meaning that you will not find the need to wear any other jewellery piece. 

Similarly, the Ophelia earrings are also incredibly eye-catching. Their freshwater pearl design truly stands out, complementing your look any day. 

Gold-Filled Rings 

No final look is complete without some finger accessories. You can opt for the minimalistic yet classy Nora ring to elevate your outfit. This piece stands out for its crystal that creates an understanding allure. 

The Dia ring and Mia Chain ring are ideal for teenagers. They are small yet beautiful, making any young girl look classy. 

These are just a few glimpses of how our spectacular jewellery can elevate your outfits. Our website has many more exquisite pieces waiting for you. 

Just browse our website to check out our wide range of bracelets, earrings, rings, and necklaces. In fact, you can also customise your jewellery items and create personalised masterpieces that go with your wardrobe. 


Caring for Your Special Jewellery Pieces 

So, you have finally picked your favourite gold-filled jewellery piece. What should be your next step? 

The first thing you should do after purchasing a gold-filled item is to plan how to store and care for it properly. That’s the best way to make your jewellery serve you for a long time. 

According to the experts at Ohzo Jewellery, here is how you can look after your gold-filled jewellery in a better way 

  • Use a soft brush and mild, soapy water to remove fingerprints or residue from your jewellery. This is an excellent remedy to maintain the shiny finish. 
  • Run a polishing cloth over your pieces to polish them. 
  • After swimming in the ocean, rinse your jewellery pieces to remove saltwater residues. 
  • Don't wear the pieces while exercising. Sweat isn't good for gold. 
  • Keep your jewellery safe from detergents or perfumes. If you use skin care products, ensure that you apply them before wearing your pieces. 
  • Store each jewellery item in a dry place. 
  • It’s best to store the jewellery in an air-tight container to avoid unnecessary exposure to air and moisture. 

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Gold-filled jewellery doesn't only make you a responsible individual but also helps you create a solid, stylish impact over your peers. By elevating the look of every dress you wear, these pieces help you create a unique fashion statement while aligning with the latest trends. 

With so much to offer, it makes sense to add a few (or many) pieces to your collection. If you want to enjoy their sustainability, style, durability, and quality, visit Ohzo Jewellery’s website to fill out your shopping cart. The brand’s matchless commitment to offering accessible and fashionable jewellery will definitely blow your mind. 

Also, don't forget to visit our Instagram and Facebook pages to stay updated about future collections. We also suggest you read more about gold-filled jewellery and its environmental impact so you can spend your money wisely. 

It is all about making the right purchases, and by choosing Ohzo Jewellery, you will do just that. 

Happy Shopping! 

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