How to Care for Your Ocean-Proof Jewellery: A Guide for Jewellery Enthusiasts

How to Care for Your Ocean-Proof Jewellery: A Guide for Jewellery Enthusiasts

There’s something magical about diving into the ocean on a scorching summer day: feeling the warmth of basking in the sun and the sound of waves taking you into a state of tranquillity.

But wait: Your treasured jewellery is at risk of losing its lustre to the salty sea. Now what? Should you go back and remove it? Sometimes, it’s actually impossible to do so, especially when you’re deep down in the ocean.


Fortunately, you live in the era of ocean-proof jewellery that allows you to enjoy the waves without any worries.

If you like to wear jewellery while swimming, you've come to the right place. This guide presents ocean-proof jewellery made with 14k gold-filled and 925 sterling silver. It also provides tips to maintain its radiance, just like the memories you create by the shore. So, let's dive in (pun intended).

Understanding Ocean-Proof Jewellery

Waterproof jewellery isn’t just about looking fabulous by the water; it’s a whole vibe of durability and style rolled into one sparkling package.

Manufacturers craft these pieces to withstand the harsh conditions of saltwater, moisture, and constant wear. Therefore, unlike traditional jewellery, which may corrode when exposed to water, ocean-proof pieces are designed to maintain their brilliance.

So, whether you’re swimming, snorkelling, or simply lounging by the store, these jewels boast superior resistance to rust and discolouration.

Material Types

Waterproof jewellery is highly resilient, thanks to the materials used in its construction. Typically, these pieces are made from titanium or stainless steel, though they are often limited to silver or gold plating, which can become tarnished or discoloured after a few wearings.

However, sterling silver and gold-filled are the other most recommended materials. They offer excellent strength against water-related damage.

Besides, a few companies use waterproof coatings to provide an extra bit of protection. This ensures that your jewellery remains pristine even in the harshest aquatic conditions.

Perks of Choosing Ocean-Proof Jewellery

If you’re a water enthusiast (and love to style yourself with jewels), ocean-proof jewellery offers a multitude of benefits.

Firstly, it keeps you from constantly removing and storing your jewellery before engaging in water-related activities. Secondly, these pieces are made of durable materials. This means they last longer and are resistant to tarnishing.

Daily Wear and Maintenance Tips

So, you’ve got your stunning water-proof jewellery, but how do you keep it looking fab day in and day out? Here are some tips to consider. 

  • Rock it, but be mindful. Wear your ocean-proof gems with pride, but remember to take them off (rings specifically) when doing hardcore cleaning, which requires the use of chemical
  • Cleanliness is key. Give your bling a little TLC by washing it gently. A quick rinse keeps their sparkle alive (more on this below).
  • Storage matters. When you’re not dazzling the world, consider storing your jewellery in a cool, dry place. A cute little box or pouch works wonders in keeping them safe from scratches and moisture. 
  • Inspect and protect. Keep an eye on your pieces for any signs of wear and tear. If something seems off, get it checked by a pro. Besides, consider adding a protective coating for that extra shine and durability. 

Protecting Your Jewellery from Harsh Ocean Elements

Wearing jewellery at home is a whole different ball game than wearing one by the beach. First up, you’ve got to deal with saltwater. The corrosive nature of seawater isn’t ideal for your jewellery.

Secondly, sand on the beach can scratch and scuff your precious jewels. One wrong move, and bam! Your jewellery might end up looking a bit worse for wear.

Finally, UV rays from the can be a downer for your bling. They cause certain materials to fade or become brittle over time.

However, if you purchase jewellery from a reliable brand like us! it will likely last long. Besides, taking the necessary protective measures can keep your jewellery as dazzling as ever. You can always clean it at home with a simple solution to keep it from becoming dull and lifeless.

How to Clean Your Ocean-Proof Jewellery At Home

Got a bit of grime on your glitter? Fret not. Follow these simple steps to get it sparkling again. 

  • Start by giving your jewellery a rinse under lukewarm water to remove any surface dirt or residue. This helps loosen up any stubborn gunk on your gems. 
  • Next up, fill a small bowl with lukewarm water and add a drop or two of mould soap. Dip your jewels into the soapy solution and let them soak for a few minutes. 
  • After that, use a soft-bristled brush or cloth to scrub away the remaining dirt or grime.
  • Once you’re satisfied with the cleaning process, give it another quick rinse to wash away the soap suds. 
  • Finally, pat your pieces dry with a clean, soft cloth to remove excess moisture.  


What Jewellery Is Ocean Safe?

Jewellery made with sturdy materials such as stainless steel and titanium are good examples. Specially treated metals are the real MVPs against corrosion. Additionally, 925 sterling silver and gold-filled jewellery made with the HPHT (High-Temperature High-Pressure) method are durable and can survive in the ocean.

What Jewellery Can Withstand Water?

Water-resistant jewellery is designed to ensure exposure to moisture and water without incurring damage. Although most jewellery experts recommend removing them before diving into salty ocean water, a few jewel types perform better than others under the water. These include but aren’t limited to gold-filled, sterling silver, solid gold, and platinum.

Is It Okay to Wear Jewellery While Swimming?

While certain jewellery types can withstand water, it doesn’t imply wearing them while swimming is always ideal. The thing is, your precious piece might slip off due to the water pressure or movement. Secondly, dangling earrings could be a source of distraction while swimming. For instance, they might get tangled in hair or clothing, which may lead to discomfort.

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Ocean-proof jewellery blends style and practicality just right. They are made with durable materials and crafted consciously to withstand the rigours of the sea. Therefore, with the proper knowledge and care, you can confidently adorn yourself with these jewels because they’ll stand the test of time and tide.

So, whether you intend to dive into the deep blue or simply soak up the sun on sandy shores, rest assured these pieces will shine as brightly as your seaside spirit. Feel free to explore OHZO Jewellery’s collection and discover the perfect jewellery pieces to accompany you on your aquatic adventures.

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