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OHZO BY J is a contemporary jewellery brand. 

Our designs are heavily inspired and influenced by the modern independent woman, 

We strive to be a match maker between timeless, fashion-forward pieces that will transcend seasons and trends. 

Our pieces are finely crafted and ornamented, with a focus on high quality every day accessories

which are also skin-friendly. 

Our range of jewellery is intended for every day use

; they are unique in design and build and bridge the gap between generations of strong,

beautiful women.

  OHZO'S jewellery is easy to fit into your every day lives and special occasions as well.

Ohzo by j's pieces are bold and unique in style finisher. 

We are hoping to our jewellery incorporate into your every day lifestyle through. 




More to hear from us

 The director of OHZO Jewelry has been in the jewellery business for more then 7 years .

She operates out of lovely Perth, Western Australia.

When she decided to create her own brand of designer custom jewellery 'MUZE GEMMA'

there were lots of limitations such as the price, materials that are skin friendly

but also unique and getting exposure to an international audience.

After researching and much experimentation, she realised a great opportunity

to recreate the designs with premium quality materials such as 925 sterling silver,

Gold-filled jewellery that actually lasts without the hefty price tag.

From there OHZO BY J's journey started.








The Director Speaks  

I still get excited every morning to dress up to go to my shop, to meet lovely people,

to talk about the jewellery (and everything else!) and display new arrivals and designs.

When customers first see the jewellery from my shop,

I can see their eyes glitter like  the stars in moonlight.

Those are magical moments I am so lucky to share with them

and my hope is that moment happens to you too.


Article editor : Hyemin H Shin.


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